Mike Walsted's Links and Pages

This page is here to assist me and my coworkers by acting as a portable bookmark.

Notes to help me with Visual Basic .NET programming, including NATO Alphabet .wav files, can be found here.
If you work in a flight communications center, and need a quick time and distance chart, it can be found here.

A few weather links:
How-to for getting and displaying grid forecast and climatology data.
Weather Charts useful for flight briefing

Weather links for various locations:
Edwards AFB
Dallas-Fort Worth TX
Houston TX

DD175 and DD175-1 forms in Excel format.

An experimental site that gives a good approximation for point forecasts is the NAM FORECAST METEOGRAM page.

If you wish to learn more about weather, this presentation may be helpful.

If you are time-zone challenged, this small program is a clock (clocks?) with GMT and the four US timezones for your computer display. This program is one large clock on your display.

If you have to convert latitudes and longitudes from one format to another, this Position Converter may be helpful.

A few more links for my own convenience:
A simple executable to help learn basic fraction addition.
A temperature, dewpoint, and wind display. (requires that MSINET.OCX be present and registered on your computer.)
How to remove the Bose system from an NB Miata.
Helpful links for the 1986 Thunderbird TurboCoupe I once owned.

Here is a picture of part of an indoor garden found in a small California town where I once lived.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, or need to contact me for any other reason, please email me at mike@mikewalsted.com.